Small hidden gem in Irvine

I’m still not sure what I’m going to be blogging about exactly, but most likely it will be about food places I’d like to share with you or about recipes.  Who knows…
But until I get the groove of things and figure things out, here’s where I went a few days ago.

August 13 — My friend Jane and I were heading over to taste some food trucks that were supposed to be out in front of BlackMarket Bakery in Irvine.  When we showed up, however, there was no sign of them and we found out that the property kicked them out right before we got there. 😦

Well, due to this mishap it gave us an opportunity to eat at this sandwich place I’ve been meaning to try: Harry’s Deli.  I had briefly met the owner Harry couple months back on a previous visit to BlackMarket Bakery so I’ve been meaning to check it out.  I love trying new places to eat, especially if they are small mom&pop’s (which are super rare in Irvine!)

The place was packed and busy.  It’s a small inconspicuously located deli within the compounds of office buildings.  The menu board and the ambiance was so not-Irvine it was refreshing!  It had that nothing fancy, cafeteria-ish vibe.

Jane and I ordered the Chicken Di Giorgio and the Pulled Pork sandwiches and split them.

The Chicken Di Giorgio is made of crusted escalope of chicken, then topped with a fresh tomato / garlic / basil sautee, and finallly some mozarella all on a ciabatta bread.
For those of you who don’t know what escalope means (I didn’t):
Escalopes (also spelt as escallopes) are pieces of boneless meat which have been thinned out using a mallet, rolling pin or beaten with the handle of a knife. By thinning out the meat, it cooks more quickly, which is helpful when preparing fast meals.

We loved the garlicyness of this sandwich (yet not too overpowering) and the chicken was moist and tender.  This is probably their most popular sandwich.

The Pulled Pork sandwich had a really amazing flavor to it with a zesty kick. Can’t tell you what’s in it exactly (besides pork), but it was pretty darn good. You can order with slaw or without.  Definitely with!  It was juicy and just saucy enough.

We had both looked at the sandwiches initially thinking.. dude, this is too much food, we’re not going to finish this.  Well.. once you start eating it’s not much of a challenge at all.

Next time I’m going to have to try the Rib-eye everyone keeps talking about.

Click here for the Yelp review:

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